Jenna Jameson on Oprah

The other day, while procrastinating scrubbing the dishes and writing my daily pages, I watched a re-air of Jenna Jameson on Oprah from Nov. 2009 and found the show edifying. Did you know that one-in-three women watch online porn? I didn’t. Jenna Jameson on Oprah in the first place is truly a testament to how mainstream XXX has become but that stat frankly blew me (and a slightly peaked Oprah) out of the dishwater. One of the reasons for this lesser-known fact is that most women keep their online viewing hush hush. Understandably, we don’t all discuss our porn preferences over dinner (except maybe those of us whose husbands once regularly filmed orgies in the valley) but seriously, one in three? That’s kind of, well, revolutionary. Putting personal opinions about porn aside for a minute, the free market has spoken and clearly the average consumers are no longer just dudes. To boot, women-directed films, and female CEOs are making headway (no pun intended) in the adult entertainment industry.

Which leaves me with one question: are attractive male porn stars the next best thing to come? Johnny Depp in Pirates XXX (the sequel), anyone?

Read Lisa Ling’s report on the new state of women and porn at:

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