Why I Won’t Miss Carrie Bradshaw

Like many gals on this Memorial weekend, some girlfriends and I hoofed it down to the Cineplex to see SATC2. I had been widely and wisely advised not to get my hopes up, but of course, I went and did anyway only to leave thinking: Why was that so awkward and boring? The simple reason is that they ran out of plot and filled the hole with canned jokes, hokey cultural clichés, and oodles of fashion. But my real problem, I realized over cocktails later, was that in the wake of reading Marry Him, I couldn’t stop thinking about how ridiculous Carrie’s expectations are. And, like Carrie who misses her former self in the movie, I missed my former self who identified with Carrie.

I, too, used to be afraid that life stopped after marriage. I used to dread that the huz and I would silently sip Cabernet listening to each other chew and the clock tick. It’s a common fear for our generation of women who according to Lori Gottlieb’s interviews want “anything but boring.” I get it. I feared it. And then something magical happened—I got the fuck over myself.  In my experience, while some of adulthood is indeed boring, it seems to have little to do with marriage and more with, well, life. In practice, my man and I don’t even get to eat dinner together all that much so a stolen evening of take-out in front of the TV, much less my husband making me Osso Buco, sounds a lot like marital bliss.

“But it’s a movie!” a friend said to me after hearing my gripes, “It’s like Disneyland for adults.” And it was. Except that it was less like hurtling through Space Mountain and more like listening to kids in line whine. Within the first twenty minutes I was so sick of watching Carrie’s naval gazing that I wanted to jump up in my seat and say: Learn to cook!! Volunteer!! Find something better on TV!!!

So for me it’s, sigh, the end of an era. My old self will miss you, Carrie but the huz won’t. Nope, pas de tout—he always thought you were a selfish megalomaniac.

3 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Miss Carrie Bradshaw

  1. Hoooray for this post!! I know I’m dreadfully late in reading/posting but I loved it! It made me laugh and love ya just a little bit more…i

    • I went California last year for the first time, and I swear I fell in love with it! I went to L.A and loved ittttttt toooo peecis and ah I fell in love with SanDiego and it’s weather! DEF great places to be!

  2. Hi! I love your post but I have to disagree. I waited to see the movie until the DVD came out, because so many critics and fans bashed the movie. I have to say, this has been the best comical relief from the mundane and everyday for quite sometime. To place the responsibility on these four fictional characters to resemble our everyday life seems a bit unrealistic. These were fictional characters when we met them 12 years ago, and they still are. I think the irony of these four ladies is that women around the world were able to relate in situational realms but who is to say that where they are now is not any different than where their fictional life was meant to take them. They were just as over the top and blatant in their skin (literally and metaphorically) then as they were in this latest movie. I applaud them for allowing me to take a couple hours of my life to forget about what really is and pretend about what could be – I would love a getaway with three of my dearest friends that ended up in incredible bonding and adventure and mayhem. I feel too many people are expecting these four women to mirror our own lives -and if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll realize -they never really did. It was always just a fragment of our real selves. Let the movie be what it is – campy, over the top fun – and let the cameras start rolling for part 3!

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