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Why Charlie Glickman Is Rad

Just to further my last post on the whole pro-porn/ anti-porn thing I have to share a snippet from Charlie Glickman’s blog (see below) because it’s just so dang sensible. The entire post is really brilliant, you can read it here: Sigh. Another Conference Against Porn

To Charlie, I will add that we live in the same state and I hope I meet you one day. But I must say, I wish I’d found you when I was grappling with my fiancé filming reality TV porn like a PhD student on Ritalin. Back when I was two-point-five-seconds away from pulling a Britney or Lindsay or whatever the celeb shorthand  for losing grip is these days. When I was shaming my lovely man for his preferences in XXX instead of having a reasonable conversation between adults. Seriously, where were you when I was storming down Hollywood Boulevard in my pajamas and trying to rectify my conflicted feelings about porn because my husband-to-be was off to film underage strippers shag in the tropics, Charlie? Alas, you were here writing lucidly on your blog. I should have done my research then but I was busy brooding and drinking whiskey, so maybe next time.

Here’s that brilliant quote:

There’s porn made by people who are not just consenting to perform, but are actively enthusiastic. There are people who enjoy watching people have sex and there are people who enjoy being watched. And I see no problem with that. For me, the questions comes down to: what do we need to do to maximize the sorts of porn that is grounded in pleasure, passion, joy, and consent? What do we do to shift things so that we can be sure that the performers are well treated? How can we make it so that people who don’t want to have to deal with sexually explicit media have spaces for that, and that people who want to have access to it, have spaces for that.

Yup, what it is.

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