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Back in LA; Up on Huffington

Wheh. Yesterday involved a few too many planes, trains, and automobiles but I’m back at my desk at last. At least for the next five minutes until I must run to the boss’ house and do some bookkeeping. I absolutely loved Chicago, architecture boat tour and all. I’ve a sore neck from looking up at skyscrapers while I walk, that and a few awkward plane naps.

To further Saturday’s post I have some thoughts up on Huffington Post, written in response to Gail Dines’ anti-porn post Adventures in Pornland. As my thoughts have percolated over a weekend away, I would add to my response that both raising standards in the adult industry and educating people about porn and how to talk about it with their children and partners seems much more productive than censorship. I hope one day America’s public schools have a Sex Ed program designed by Charlie Glickman. Alas, we’re probably not too close to that yet. I just read Tom Matlack’s Perspectives on Pornography and learned that Utah is the biggest downloader of porn. Did you know that? We sure are a multifaceted people.

3 thoughts on “Back in LA; Up on Huffington

  1. I just so love the way you write. I found you accidentally, but it is no accident that I started following your blog. I get sunshine each time I read your blog, even on a stormy day.

  2. We just found your site and love your writings about the industry and Gail Dines. We’d love to send you a copy of our new book of essays and documentary photography titled “Off the Set: Porn Stars and Their Partners,” which explores the off-screen romantic relationships of ten couples who perform in porn. We think you’d like it, and we’d love to read your reactions to it on your blog! If you’re interested, email us a paulieandpauline at gmail!

    • Violet:What do you expect from Julie Bindel, thugoh? Of *course* anything she writes is going to be anti-male and anti-sex industry. She’s an old comrade-in-arms of Sheila Jeffreys, after all. The Guardian has a lot of columnists like this, because that’s the way British feminism leans. Cath Elliot has used her column as a pulpit to viciously attack the International Union of Sex Workers. Another columnist, Bidisha, was positively cheerful that the UK anti-extreme porn laws might be used to arrest artists ().To be fair, Thierry Schaffauser of the IUSW is now an occasional columnist on the online version of The Guradian, so they don’t exclude pro-sex writers as part of any overall policy.

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