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TGIF: Iced Tea, Eat, Pray, Love, and MILFs

Sigh, Friday afternoon and hot as blazes here in LA. I’m hoping to hit some air conditioning this weekend and see Eat, Pray, Love, which has received fairly positive reviews from my friends and my Mom, who had real issues with the memoir, i.e. stop whining. After seeing the movie, Ma remarked that she liked it better than the book, except for a few missing links. One: she didn’t understand what exactly was wrong with Gilbert’s marriage that she left it to being with. Or in her words: “You know, sometimes you have to work at it.” And secondly: she didn’t quite understand how Liz afforded to take a luxury trip around the word to “find herself.” But all in all, she gave in to Julia’s pearly whites and Javier’s wink. I, personally, loved the book, but it’s also possible that I come from a slightly more self-centured generation. For I simply waited until after my commitment-phobic, botched affairs and soul searching trips to Bolivia, Spain, and St. Petersburg to settle down and get hitched.

Anyway, speaking of coupling up, I just poured myself an iced tea and am going to recline on the couch for an hour with Off the Set: Porn Stars and Their Partners–a book of photos and essays capturing the everyday lives of porn stars. Thank you, Paulie and Pauline for sending me a copy! So far I adore the gorgeous cover shot of Jessie Jane, and the huz remarked that Kylie Ireland was the very first starlet he filmed on the porn reality show. Which has me thinking that part of what’s working for me in this whole marriage thing (besides how fabulous you are, darling) is that shortly after getting down on one knee, my man was off filming MILFs. Challenging, yes. Conventional, no. He sure knows how to  keep things fresh.

Anyway, off to Off the Set – more on that over the weekend.

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