My Dog Has Fleas

I sorry, I have fleas

If I had one quarter the tenacity of a flea I would have written five books by now. The flea battle continues on the home front as doggie, despite trip to the groomer and really obnoxious use of water washing everything, still has fleas. Those fuckers really want to live. Anyway, I’m brain dead this eve due to overconsumption of sake yesterday with the husband so I direct you to this really fabulous Charlie Glickman post: If Gail Dines Would Stop Shaming People Maybe Folks Would Listen. He makes some great points about stereotypes in porn.

Off to beat fleas black and blue. Any tips, world at large?

3 thoughts on “My Dog Has Fleas

  1. Hmm..yes they really really want to live and the trick to killing them is a destruction of the egg. Killing the living flea is only half the battle which is why you need to buy that expensive advantage shit that you can only get from a vet (I think?). Advantage/revolution and others of the like that are not available in stores are the only products that kill the flea and her hideous unborn babies. It does no good to wash eveything (sadly) because as soon as those eggs hatch the battle begins again. Sigh. Cute pic of sad puppy tho 🙂

  2. she’s right, you’re losin to the eggs. advantage works well, we had several dogs and never had any fleas. you just part their fur between their shoulder blades and squirt it on once a month, totally worth it.

    • Not the local made pussy-cat flea sprays, or the flea collras for moggies, not the flea and tick water proof’ pussy drops and also not the cat powders, which kept fluffing up in my face! So ultimately I recommended we import a USA kind of Flea Sprays. I actually have no idea what they put in it! But ultimately one day the solution came! One evening, an old college mate of mine, from twenty-nine years back, approached me again! After plenty of chatting and hours on the telephone, he mentioned that he also had a kitty now and after enlightening him about the issues we where having, he let us know that he used this one type of flea and tick control he lately found out about, and actually liked, now what was it’s name? Ah, yes, Frontline And Flea and Tick Control for Cats.’He further said he had just got a pussy-cat for his darling fiance, but he’d been new to the cat-thing and did not know where to turn for a moggy flea and tick protection! When their Pussy-cat had come back home with fleas his girl had gone nuts and needed to throw the kitty right out again! And he’d been desperate to get a flea and tick control to stop all his pussies fleas and ticks from living and biting him and his squeeze! When he had looked online, he announced he had found masses of flea and tick controls for cats that all said they’d do the miracle of murdering all of the fleas within just a few hours or thereabouts but which of them truly worked? He announced that his head hurt from every one of them! He did not want to have to spend 1 or 2 thousand bucks trying them all out until he found a right one! He asked his fiance, if there had been any good site online where he find out where to buy the right flea and tick control for moggies, that would not just be selling him on some flea control that failed to even work! She claimed there likely was and directed him to to read online about it.

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