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Back to Bush

Well, it’s official: bush is back. The hilarity of Cosmo’s September caption Untamed Va-jay-jays: Guess What Sexy Style is Back propelled me to swipe a copy at the check out. Seriously, Cosmo? Untamed Va-jay? I submitted my husband to a reading aloud. He asked me to stop. But before he did, he said: doesn’t everybody have bush between waxings? What a sweetie. Anyway, between the apparent shock and awe at porn starlet Sasha Grey sporting bush on Entourage and the lovely Violante Placido in The American, I guess the news flash is that you can sport your frock however you feel. Bedazzle the fucker. Shave a cross. Party down, ladies–it’s 2010.

Hubby and I thought the The American kind of sucked. Any opinions? Didn’t feel for Clooney at all. But it was so refreshing to see Violante Placido’s beauty au naturale. Ah, the Europeans. And now I’ve come full circle back to bush.

Time to get serious. For some sensible thoughts read Tracy Cark-Fiory’s excellent: The smart Dutch take on teen sex on Broadsheet.

5 thoughts on “Back to Bush

  1. YIKES! No thanks! damn even in the va-jay-jay I will be out of style, NOT growing in the bush, no way, not going to happen!

  2. As of this writing, my head is still pounding from the lack of sleep after seeing The American late show last night. Yeah, it kind of sucked– because the story was so old and overdone. My friend and I were like, okay, this is going to happen and, yeah, this is how it ends. But who knew there were so many Swedish hitmen??

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