astrology / whatever

Planets Align Please

Is anyone else ready for Mercury to go direct? Yes, I follow my astrology. Man oh man what an inside out and backwards end to a week. Managed to get something lodged in my eye during a horseback riding lesson on Tuesday, which developed into a full blown eye infection by Thursday. Escaped work and drove to a clinic with searing eye pain. Yow! Then Friday arrived in the OC after a couple hours of gridlock to be told by ubber earnest security guard on his golf cart (for real): no doggies allowed in the residence. Oops, we were told otherwise. Smuggled doggie, Artie  in for the night and just blazed the 405 back to LA this morning.

Alas, one has to roll with the punches in life. Twists and turns cancelled out by hanging with my man. Groan, I know. Now for a day of writing in the backyard with my part-time man, Artie.

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