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Is Female Ejaculation For Real?

Ah, memories. This morning I started my day by reading Squirting World: Secrets, Stories and Techniques of G-Spot Female Ejaculation by Dr. Susan Block, an informative article that brought me back to when hubby had just landed the job filming Webdreams and we watched an episode to see what we were getting ourselves into. We popped up some corn and reclined on the coach to a girl-on-girl squirting scene. Now, I was a skeptic when it came to female ejaculation. I suppose because it wasn’t something I’d experienced first-hand, I simply assumed it was a dog and pony show. And in all honesty, I felt somewhat judgmental about the act, mired in one of my typical, former attitudes of: If I can’t do/enjoy that, neither can she.

Anyway, like so many lessons gleaned from the experience of hubby filming porn, I was mistaken. And in the words of Baby’s father in Dirty Dancing:“When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong.” My man’s many subsequent in-the-flesh squirting scenes confirmed for me that female ejaculation is in fact real, not urine, nor hidden water balloon and he had the splattered camera lenses to prove it. I suppose one of these days I’ll have to cruise over to a Dr. Suzy Squirt Salon and see for myself.

In the meantime, I’m headed to the pool. Hubby has a day off and we’re going to bbq and blend up some pina coladas. Sorry to brag, I do realize it’s Monday but since I spent my weekend cleaning out my boss’ garage, I don’t feel quite so bad.

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