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More Merkin Mania

So although I reported the comeback of full bush the other day, I (and Cosmo) may have spoken a tad too soon. According to The Frisky, Sasha Grey’s supposed forested region in Entourage was none other than a merkin. What’s a merkin, you ask? Why I once asked myself the same thing. In short, a merkin is fake pubes, and I must admit, if the Sasha deets are true, I’m a little disappointed in the porn diva.

For a more complete history of the merkin, check out this article in The Daily Beast. Apparently the premiere of Boardwalk Empire, which I sadly missed last Sunday, is keeping the Hollywood merkin makers in business. Other interesting merkin facts: a designer merkin can set you back hundreds, a poorly applied merkin can cause pelvic burns, yeesh, and there’s even such a thing as a reverse-merkin–somehow the idea of a nude, polyurethane muff cap creeps me right the fuck out.

Right then, I’m now going to go think about something infinitely more important than the fluctuating trends of pubic hair. That is, right after I set up an appointment with my waxist.

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