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American’s Sex Lives: Not so Square After All

I just started my Monday with: Pretzel nation: Americans have sex in 41 combinations, an article about a new study which proves that Americans like their 21, err, make that 41 flavors, after all. I, for one, am happy to hear that 69 percent of men had gone muff diving in the last year. Also interesting to note–the number of women age 25 -29 who’d had anal sex in the previous year was double the digits of 1988. Deep thoughts. So what happened–did Americans suddenly wake up more adventurous? I’m going to go ahead and suspect that a little four little word called porn is largely responsible for our budding tastes. My husband would concur that his desire for anal sex is largely because of his many viewings of “that’s what I call a hole in one.” And yes, I’m going to go ahead and stop that conversation right there.

Most importantly gleaned from this article is Brian Alexander’s solid point for why our new, expanded sexual menu creates an even greater need for proper sex ed.

Here’s an important quote:

Great pleasure, great responsibility
There is a strong incentive to add different acts to one encounter. For many women, more is better. Women reported they were much more likely to have an orgasm if their partners used more than one technique; 54 percent of women reported having an orgasm the last time they had sex when they engaged only in one act, but 89 percent of women who performed five sex acts during their last encounter had an orgasm. (Most men, just so you know, can pretty much have an orgasm any way.)

All this can be fun, of course, but as our repertoire has expanded, we’ve created more disease pathways. HPV, the cause of cervical cancer and genital warts, can be transmitted to the anus and mouth. In fact, the rise in oral sex corresponds with a rise in the rate of oropharyngeal cancer. Infection goes the other way, too. There are more cases of genitals being infected with herpes type 1, the cold sore type. There is also a rise in the rate of anal cancers which can also be caused by HPV.

Right then, must away to do some accounting. It’s raining in LA today, shock and awe, and I guess that means I’ll have to wear something other than flip flops. Rain boots? I’m confused.

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