Here Come the Slutty Schoolgirls

En route home from a Sunday afternoon at the Fairfax Flea Market, the huz and I discussed potential Halloween costumes. We have this conversation every year, and yet, we will inevitably wait until the night of and run to the thrift store before it closes.

Back at my desk, I read this AOL article that warns single ladies not to dress too slutty, lest they be treated with less-than gentlemanly conduct, while simultaneously counseling that not dressing slutty enough will get you ignored. Sigh. Yet another female Catch 22. The boys, as per usual, can do what they please. According to dating expert Sherri Langbert, a schoolgirl costume is the way to go because it’s suggestive without being too revealing. I’m not so sure about that one, Sherri, as my cursory Google search suggested otherwise. Not to mention all the not-so demure schoolgirls I saw last year shaking it on Hollywood rooftops. Anyway, I’ve never really gone in for outright slutty (unless you count my raped prom queen costume a few years back, which had a definite hit or miss reaction). These days, I prefer to leave the risqué looks to my husband, for his not-so-hidden, slutty alter ego is generally in full-force come Halloween (see hubby as Geisha to the right). Come to think of it, perhaps some knee socks and a little tartan are just what the doctor ordered for him…

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