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The Sexist Social Network?

I saw The Social Network a few weeks back and by the time I tucked into some post-movie calamari and pinot noir, pretty much forgot all about it. I liked it well enough and found the history (Hollywood version, of course) interesting. But it didn’t stick with me in any emotional way other than a brief bout of depression. A few days later, a girlfriend of mine mentioned that several of her girlfriends had been hugely offended by the misogynist treatment of its female characters. Thinking back—it was a male perspective movie, to be sure. But it didn’t really irk me. Maybe it’s because I’m too damn apathetic to pick feminist battles these days. But more likely it’s that I’m less likely to begrudge characters of their sexism when they are so clearly made miserable by it. It’s an easy take: I would have dumped you too, Marky. Ta, ta, have fun buying love with the dough.

This morning I read: New World, Same old Gender Roles in the New York Times, which discusses the misogynist world portrayed in The Social Network. I’ve never given too much thought to the dude-run territory of Web development. Probably because the words: computer and programming in tandem hit me like a double brandy laced with Ambien. But do all women really feel this way? My friend Kim did all my computer homework for me back in high school (thanks, K). She was good at it. Now she’s a visual artist. So where do all the other computer-geek girls go? Certainly women have wielded their way into other, previously male-dominated fields, like, ahem, the film industry. But it’s interesting to think that the world-shaping Web biz is Y chromosome weighted. I’m tempted to say that, like taking out the trash, I’ll happily give it to them. But then again, we gals may want to pay mind to the chick hating and the billions…

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