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Happy Thanksgiving, America!

Happy American Thanksgiving, all! It’s almost time for me to get baking. I’m making this Pumpkin Gingersnap Pie (courtesy of my pal, Op) again, which was a big hit at our Canadian Thanksgiving five minutes ago. As expats in LA, it seems like we just feast all fall. Or at least my love handles feel that way. Anyhow, I highly recommend this pie it if you’re looking for a twist on the regular pumpkin routine. Hubby and I are attending dinner for 25 (yow!) this eve and I’ll also be whipping up some brussels sprouts with maple syrup and bacon to add to the mix. So easy, so good. Bacon makes everything better. Except for waistlines.

I just read a bunch of comments on The Good Men Project in response to Tom Matlack’s decision to publish several good men’s essays in Penthouse. The Sexademic had some particularly interesting thoughts. I’m not familiar enough with The Good Men ethos, or with Penthouse for that matter, to weigh in on whether this is a conflict of interest. I do recall that Joyce Carol Oats  published in Penthouse back when shoulder pads were all the rage… and I probably wouldn’t scoff at the chance to have my words next to some T &A. I guess I sort of see this dilemma as the equivalent of, say, publishing a piece on self esteem in a lady’s rag–a great way to reach the heart’s of women while they shop for “jeans to fit every body type!” and cellulite cream. That is, if only there were more naked, hot men hustling that useless crap…

Anyway, for the moment I will not think about how porn could be better used to sell fat cream. I will make like a good wife and mix full fat dairy and pumpkin alongside the good women (and men) of America, then sit my ass down with some Shiraz and stuff my face.

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