Baby Fever and The Keeper

Well, four days of having a gurgling baby in my guestroom officially has my womb talking. Baby was pretty amazing—a happy, mellow two-month old who already sleeps mostly through the night. Are they all like that? Probably not. Nonetheless, wonderbaby accompanied us to both the bachelorette and the wedding with barely any fussing. Quite the gentleman. So yeah, after a few days of watching auntie Em in action, hubby knows that he’s in trouble.

But on another note, I just read this entertaining article about The Diva Cup on Jezebel, which harkened me to my days of yore (earthier times) when I gave the The Keeper a whirl. For anyone not familiar with The Diva Cup or The Keeper, it’s a reusable menstrual receptacle that you fold and insert up your va jay to collect blood, then remove and rinse out. I used the old Keeper for a time but gave up on it when hitchhiking around Vancouver island with an old flame. I learned pretty quickly that The Keeper really must be used in the comfort of your own home, for rinsing out your menstrual blood in public bathrooms isn’t for everyone. And peering under the stall door with a teetering cup of your innards grew tiresome. That, and there was a rather unfortunate incident involving some hallucinogenics and my inability to remove the dang thing and my conviction that it was stuck in my uterus. Thanks, old boyfriend, for your help with that. I suppose I could give the cup another try. That, or get pregnant.

Did I say that out loud?

Okay, that was probably too much information for some and I must soak my post-wedding hangover in the tub. Four in the afternoon until two-thirty in the morning is just too long for me to spend with an open bar. This week should be mellower than last and I’m looking forward to a little pre-Christmas quiet time, for the holiday tunes are officially bumping over at the grocery store and hot toddies are right around the bend.

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