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The Pull Out Method

I just found this nifty “Am I Pregnant” widget via Jezebel and gave it a whirl. After answering a few quick questions I was counseled that if I do not care to become pregnant, I should take the morning after pill. The reason my answers prompted this advice is because I never know how to respond to the “do you use contraception?” query. Here’s a scene from a recent visit to the doc’s office after some dirt that lodged under my eyelid while horseback riding led to a rather unfortunate eye infection, which left me grouchy and blunt.

Doc: Since this is your first visit, I have to ask you some basic questions for your file.

Me: Fire away.

Doc: Are you sexually active?

Me: Yup.

Doc: Do you use birth control?

Me: My husband and I use what they call the old “pull-out method.”

Doc: We call that “the pregnancy method.”

Me: Right, well it’s been working for five years…

Doc: Uh huh, so you’re prepared to get pregnant?

Me: Well, we’re planning to start actually trying in the next year or so.

Doc: You should start taking prenatal vitamins.

Me: Oh, okay.

So yeah, in case you were wondering or chomping at the bit for another overshare blog (say you were), that’s how we roll. But it’s actually been a while since I looked up the stats so I just Googled and found this info on

DISCLAIMER!!!: I am aware that “withdrawal” is far from foolproof contraception and I’m not advocating it (especially to teens who have the highest failure rate with pulling out). So any teens out there reading: this method probably ain’t for you. First off, it doesn’t protect against STDs, and secondly has a 27% failure rate, which is obviously not great. However, that goes down as low as 4% when used correctly. I’d say hubby and I fall among that category; that, or one or both of us in infertile and doesn’t know it. Cause you just never know until you try, right? We’d said that 2011 would be getting on the right time to start the science experiment but as the new year approaches, we’re still not entirely sure. They say you never are… Anyway, until then, time or faulty contraception will tell.

Side note: it dawned on me the other day that with the original plan for a 2011 pregnancy, I’d be birthing a child right around the beginning of 2012—know to some as: THE END OF THE WORLD.

Right then, off to do some final Christmas prep and put aside thoughts of pregnancy and Prophecy. For now, bring on the carols and the rum.

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