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Why a Vagina Steam Bath Sounds Pretty Darn Good

I just read all about chai-yok in the LA Times and it has me thinking—hmmm, does my vagina need a steam bath? Chai-yok–AKA straddling your hoo ha over a steaming pot of herbs to cure what ails you–does not actually sound all that insane to me. After all, thanks to my wonderfully new agey mum, I’ve collected a host of acupuncturists, herbalists, energy workers and psychics over the years so I’m no stranger to terms like chi stagnation or having someone “body talk” to my liver. And besides I’m already a fan of Korean Spas. Who doesn’t love sidling into a mugwort tea tub (which is great for PMS, by the way) with a gaggle of naked Korean ladies on a lazy afternoon? But at the moment, I’m thinking any kind of steam bath will do. It’s been raining for four days in LA and I am officially damp and freezing. I know, woe is freakin Californian me.

I spent the weekend sewing buttons and mending holes in my winter things from 2006 in preparation for my trip to NYC and Montreal this week. I’ve lived in LA for three years now and Vancouver before that, hence there’s been no real need to revamp my winter wardrobe, and each year I find myself increasingly baffled by what on earth to wear in winter weather. If no flip-flops, stilettos or flimsy booties, then what? I’m aware this elicits zero sympathy from the northernly states and my fellow Canadian friends. And yes, I grew up ice skating, and sledding and have, in fact, slept in an igloo that I was forced to build myself in outdoor Ed class. And yet, my how I’ve gone soft. Anyway, it’s time to stop dallying on the Interweb and figure out how I will fit all this wool into my suitcase.

If you happen to be strolling through Queens next week, you’ll notice me as the woman in the five-year-out-of-date fashion shivering like Angelina Jolie in a bucket of ice water. Did anyone else notice how insanely badly she needs to eat a bacon burger in The Tourist? I hope not, for The Tourist was officially the most boring movie ever. Too bad I paid 17$ to see it at the Arc Light when I could have had a lovely $20 vagina steam in K Town instead. Oh well, live and learn.

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