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Merry Christmas!!!!

Well, I’m deep in the Christmas haze. Hubby is currently making a bacon weave, also known as a heart attack, alongside my mother in law decorating gingerbread cookies with my niece. Apparently Grandma was amused to find a “cock and balls” cookie cutter this morning in my sister-in-law’s kitchen drawer. Well played, sis. Everyone had a hearty, waspy laugh, but alas, in the end, Frosty The Snowman won out.

It is officially freezing outside  and I’m curled up by the tree with a copy of The Erotic Engine, a fascinating book, which traces how the porn industry has fueled communication and technology for hundreds of years. So far I’ve learned that once upon a time (pre-printing press) dirty little drawings were commonly found in prayer books. And in fact, wealthy women could commission the types of prurient images they’d like to see. Surprise, surprise–turns out a little cock and balls alongside the angels is not such a new combination after all.

Okay, I must run for I’ve a busy schedule: mani pedi followed by an afternoon viewing of Love Actually while wrapping presents. Quite fittingly, the lyrics, “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” just caught my ear as my niece jumped on me, gave me a kiss, and remarked on the picture of “naked Memely kissing Frosty” on my blog. Oopsie!

And with that, Merry Christmas, all!!

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