Hubby’s Controversial Doritos Commercial

Well, my man achieved a wee bit of YouTube fame today when a commercial (The Sauna) he produced for the 2011 Doritos Superbowl contest was posted on Gawker and highlighted as being possibly offensive. The question posed to viewers was whether said commercial is homophobic. Um, pardon? Clearly the folks at Gawker are missing the joke. For the record (not that it serves any point to appeal to the blogosphere), hubby couldn’t be further from homophobic. But it goes to show that you never know what people will interpret out in zany cyberspace. Here it is so you can judge for yourself. And go check out the comments on Gawker, as they are rather entertaining. Righty then, since neither of us can run for public office anyway, what with the whole I married a pornographer thing, not to mention the Canadian immigrant thing, we shall file this experience under “any press is good press” and be on our merry way.


One thought on “Hubby’s Controversial Doritos Commercial

  1. These Doritos Ads are hysterical! and yes, they play with a little gay & prison innuendos, but who cares!?! It seems that the majority of comments on Gawker are by gay men saying how funny they found them. If the community you are spoofing doesn’t have a problem, and it’s the homophobes who are made uneasy by it – then job well done, Doritos 😉

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