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What Babies, Green Cards, Unions and Hyundais Have in Common

Oy, apologies for the abysmal blogging schedule these days. I’ve had a lot on my mind, for instance, the fact that everything my husband and I are trying to do seems to cost $10,000. We’ve been having some serious talks about starting a family and thusly I’ve been researching insurance. Guess how much it costs to have a baby in the US of A? Yup, about $7,000 – $10,000. Happy President’s day, Obama! Thanks for coming out. Sorry you could only pass that lame excuse for health care reform; we know it’s not your fault. This insurance news came as a bit of a shocker to us Canadian folk. We knew we weren’t in OZ anymore and it would cost something. But that much? Good golly. Thankfully, I’m not knocked up just yet, for then I’d be uninsurable under that whole pre-existing condition clause. What would really help our insurance situation is if Robbie joined a camera union. Guess how much that costs? $12,000. Doesn’t seem very power to the people, now does it?

The other thing that unfortunately carries a $10,000 price tag in our future is a green card. And it’s about time for us to apply for one of those. All said and done it should be about $12,000. Or only a mere $5,000 if we apply and don’t get it. Phew!

The smart idea may just be to mozy back north of the border. But we really like it here. In fact, I love LA. I love the smog and the cars and the cheap valet parking. I don’t even mind detouring to work through the Oscar set up this week. Sigh.

But to stay here, or frankly even to drive back to Canada, we’re going to need a new car. The old Hyundai is giving us some guff. Luckily the new Hyundai Accent is actually quite reasonable. It’s $9,985.

Anyway, sorry to whine. Poor little ex-pat. It certainly could be much, much worse. I’m off to fire up a pot of lentils and consider my moonlighting options. Wish me luck.


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