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Did I Pick My Husband for His Bi-winning Culinary Style?

I just read this CNN living article: Pick a man by his winning culinary style, which wasn’t exactly revelatory—apparently if a guy serves up nothing but fast food it may be hard to get him to cook cassoulet down the line, you don’t say? And second of all, who can earnestly use “winning” in a title right now? Nonetheless, this whole picking a guy by his culinary style thing made me reflect on my mate’s approach to food.

I guess the first notable thing about my main squeeze is that he is officially the least picky eater alive. He will eat virtually anything and lots of it—seriously, it’s kind of like a science experiment. Hubby’s culinary style, human garburator, although not mentioned in the article, has its pluses and minuses. Plus: He will sample endless cheese, dried sausage, and rosé from a market in Provence to make the perfect honeymoon picnic. Minus: He would happily take me for a tenth anniversary meal of White Castle sliders and Coors Light. Plus: He will always eat my meal for me and give me his when I order wrong (which I often do). Minus: I’ll need to keep an eye on that cholesterol. Luckily, thanks to his parents, he has a taste for rapini and snapper, as well as sardines on crackers and spam (I kid you not).

All that said, if I had to pick a more generally acknowledged culinary style for hubby, there’s no question that he’s a BBQ man. Dude knows what he’s up to on the grill, be it flipping Nathan’s hotdogs or rack of lamb. Which the more I think about it, does quite adeptly reflect his non-distinguishing approach to life—ready for tea with the Queen in a jiffy and/or chugging beer in the locker room. Hmmm, maybe all the riddles to my man were solved the first time he served me pizza and champagne after all…

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