Flashing the Boys

The other day my mom sent me this adorable little story about Emily flashing the boys in the schoolyard:

Little Emily went home from school and told her mum that the boys kept 
asking her to do cartwheels because she’s very good at them. 
Mum said, “You should say “No” -they only want to look at your knickers.” 
Emily said, “I know they do. 
That’s why I hide them in my bag”!

I now realize that Britney must have been hiding her panties in her purse when this picture was taken. But I sympathize with how that kind of temporary brain lapse can happen because dumb dumb over here got in a fender bender yesterday in the boss’ driveway, in a friend’s car. Sheer genius. What business did that white beamer have backing up at the same time as me? Oopsie daisy. Apparently reversing out of dead ends in the Hollywood hills is not my specialty. I’m spatially challenged along with my mum’s insinuation that I have spotty judgement on when to wear underwear.

Anyway, it’s going to be nearly ninety degrees here today so this ditz is going to throw on her romper, shades and take her doggie for a walk before it gets too steamy. I’m Artie sitting again. Remember him? He’s the cutest but sadly the little white dog is not helping my dumb brunette look. Oh well, at least I’m not carrying him around in my purse…

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