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Sex in the Air

photo via Wikipedia

Well, it seems you can take reality TV out of The Valley but you can’t take The Valley out of reality TV. Hubby found himself on a porn set the other day when the reality show he’s filming incorporated a porn star angle, AKA a little afternoon girl-on-girl action with Jesse Jane. The scene—he relayed over dinner—was pretty tame compared to the gangbangs of yore and I can report that I was definitely unfazed by his return to Silicon Valley. Funnily enough, hubby didn’t know who Jesse was but I do as I blogged about her photos in Off The Set a few months ago. I didn’t realize that she’s close to my age (32) and one of the most popular porn stars around. And go figure, although Jesse is a mommy in real life, she’s managed to dodge the MILF label that I’ve heard other porn stars like Aurora Snow gripe about. Not to say that MILFs aren’t hot. Duh, everybody loves a MILF. But power to Jesse all the same.

In other important news, it would appear that the newly minted Royals are already getting naked, Jesse James’ memoir is out, and it’s national air sex competition time.

And the world is as it should be.

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