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Who’s the Best Linda Lovelace?

Huh, I didn’t realize that there are now two Linda Lovelace (70’s porn star turned feminist activist) biopics in the works. One of which is rumored to star Kate Hudson. Clearly I haven’t been keeping up on my Hollywood news. I’ve had a weird star crush on Kate Hudson ever since I saw pictures of her home in a 2005 W Magazine spread. This, folks, is officially my dream bathroom:

Photo by Alexia Silvagni via W Magazine

I also fancy her former husband Chris Robinson (for his sexy voice, not his hot bod… okay maybe his manorexic pecs too). And so it is that despite many a shrill rom com, I’ve always envied Kate’s hippie-chic aesthetic. Anyway, I’ll be very curious to see if she can pull off Linda Lovelace. I can sort of see it—an older, less whimsical version of Penny Lane? I’d put more faith in her than in Malin Akerman who’s slotted to play Linda in Matthew Wilder’s Inferno. I agree, who’s Malin?


Ah yes, now I recall her from such cinematic feats as 27 Dresses and Couple’s Retreat. Malin’s replaced Lindsay Lohan who was too busy getting screwed in real life to play a porn star. I guess it’s hard out there in Hollywood to find something in between bubbly blond and steaming hot mess.

And the beat goes on.

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