Anne Hathaway Plays Emma in One Day, I Cry

Woke up to rain in LA today and consequently the world isn’t really making much sense. And as if the latest sex scandal headlines— Schwarzenegger, IMF dude—hadn’t publicized enough poor choices for a dreary Tuesday, I happened upon the trailer for One Day.

I actually shed a tear when I watched this but not for the intended reasons. Anne Hathaway is playing Emma? Yup, it would seem so. There she is, in 80’s wardrobe doing a particularly poor British accent and slaughtering a character I loved. While I’m usually up for a sappy book-to-movie love story, I am unfortunately never, ever going to be able to watch this one. I’m sorry to be a hater, Anne. I know it’s tough in Hollywood and I’m sure you are perfectly lovely when you’re not trying to impersonate Julia Roberts’ smile or bounding around like a drunk giraffe. Unfortunately, you always seem to be doing that.

I’m going to go drown my sorrows in Earl Grey and scones now.

And on a slightly less depressing note, here’s my new Betty article: Are Women Still Doing More Housework? Do We Mind?

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