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No, The Rapture it Ain’t

Ever wake up in the worst mood ever for no reason whatsoever and have it drag on the entire day? Well that’s been me this fine Monday and I still can’t figure out what gives. There’s no PMS on the horizon, I didn’t quit my job or donate thousands in preparation for the end of the world, only to wake up and smell the false prophecy. No, things should look pretty bright here in LA. Heck, my boss even made me a delicious lunch today. And yet, woa is freaking me. The other reason my mood is so unfitting is that I conquered some fears and went ziplining this past weekend. Yup, I stepped off a cliff, flew through the air at 60 miles an hour, and was delivered safely home. The only thing I can come up with is that maybe I, too, was secretly hoping for a change of magnitude in return for my faith. My faith in nylon and carabiners, that it. But nope, instead just a usual Monday of paperwork.

Anyway, I shant whine any longer. Instead I’m going to put the rest of my faith into some tried and true bad mood remedies–a hot bath and a glass of wine. Catch you on the flipside.

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