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Bikini Bodies!!!

I just read Bikini Ready, Who’s Judging? in the New York Times. It’s an excellent reminder of the pressures we women face, and so often put on ourselves, when it comes to physical perfection. It’s one to read and pass on to a woman you know. Do it. Pretty please.

The piece looks at our obsession with the quest for the perfect bikini body—as defined by In Touch and Cosmo—and compares today’s attitudes with the bikini days of yore. There was a time, not long ago apparently, when bikinis weren’t only for the toned and waxed. Say what?

Now, I would definitely be lying (and possibly blind) to be alive in 2011, in LA, and unaware of the pursuit of the bikini body. Not to mention the tube dress body, the short shorts body, and all other such Hollywood strains. And while I’m not exactly on a ten-week bikini body challenge, I do have trouble overlooking a headline like: “20 fat burning super foods!!”

That shiz is designed to be like crack.

Or better yet the InStyle headline that happens to be on my desk at the moment: “10 Ways to Slim Down Without Really Trying.” Just try and resist, girls.

(Here’s a great post about that article on moxie bird: Being Fat is Not “InStyle” Says the Magazine)

Now, I don’t know if I’ve had what Ms. Mills in Bikini Ready, Whose Judging? refers to as a “come to jesus moment with my body.” But I am determined to be what she calls a “good attitude girl” and live happily in my skin. Feeling the sun, sand, and water whilst frolicking in a bikini is one of the great pleasures of life, to be sure. The only thing I’m not so sure of is whether Malibu is ready for my “tufts of protruding hair.” Let alone whether my husband is. Then again, he’s pretty easygoing. As for the beach, something tells me I’ll have better luck with that look in France.

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