June Cleanse

Will my GOOP cleanse make me look like this?

Yesterday, on a walk with a friend, we discussed how difficult it is to keep all sides of your life in balance. In my case, I’ve been extremely productive at work and with my writing recently (I’m nearly finished a new version of my revamped book proposal, now entitled: Prude. Woo hoo!).

Nonetheless, as is often the case when staring at a computer screen for the better part of your day, my overall body constitution has suffered. I haven’t attended yoga in, yikes, nearly four weeks! And while I never miss a horseback riding lesson, until I can afford to be at the barn every day, an hour of cardio a week is probably not going to cut it in the long run.

Last week, I worked on an article about marriage and weight gain, which made me reflect on our habits as a couple. Hubby and I love to cook and eat together (usually late in the evening because of his nutty schedule) and have both put on a post-nuptial ten. Alas, it probably doesn’t help that the way we like to digest our food is with a glass of wine in front of a movie. Anyway, I’m not as concerned about a couple extra pounds as I am about feeling energetic and happy in my skin. So in light of my raised awareness, I’ve decided to kick off June with a mini-cleanse as well as a commitment to exercising at least four times a week.

I’m going to be following a loose version of a cleanse I read on Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP awhile back. (Note to Gwyneth: I generally prefer your food tips to the ridiculously unattainable fashion suggestions but anyway…) In the past, I’ve also tried the Master Cleanse–the particular hell where one drinks only lemon water with cayenne and maple syrup–but I quickly realized, by way of the flu, that it was too extreme for my constitution. What I’m going for at the moment is no sugar, low/no processed carbs, lots of organic veggies, some protein, and a bit of fruit. I’m allowing myself a cup of coffee on the first few mornings because I am incapable of giving up wine and coffee all at once. It’s just too sad. I’m already 24 hours in and so far so good.

Anyway, folks, we’ll see how long I last! The plan is to go it clean for at least six days until my sister-in-law arrives, at which time there will no doubt be some bubbly consumed.

And on that note, a happy, healthy summer to all!!!

Wow, that was a lot of positivity, I may have to go listen to Cat Power in the dark and balance out…

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