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Will Forty Beads Spice up Your Sex Life?

So I don’t look like Gwyneth Paltrow, folks. I know, shock and awe. I broke the cleanse last night with some red wine at a birthday. But I think going it squeaky clean since last Monday did me good. I’m feeling way more aware of what I’m consuming. And I exercised every day this week! Go me. The hard part will be to stick with my healthy habits when hubby returns shortly from his shoot in Montreal. I think the verdict is in on that one—marriage does kind of make me chubby.

Anyway, this post caught my eye on Jezebel about Carolyn Evans’ new book Forty Beads. It’s described as a sex game to improve your relationship, wherein the husband gives the wife one of his forty beads and she has 24 hours to respond with sex.

Hmmm, I’m not really sure I see the “game” part of this. It sounds a lot like the “make me a sandwich game” my brother and I used to play. But then again, maybe I’m just being cynical. If it gets you shagging, Carolyn, power to you. And you definitely seemed glowy in that Today Show interview. I also have to wonder if you considered the title: Forty Balls. You must have…

On a serious note, the couple’s therapist with her on the Today Show said something that caught my ear.

“You can be married to somebody for 20 years and talking about sex is still an awkward conversation.”

Sigh, lucky for hubby and me a year of discussing money shots and squirting sped us right through that awkward bit.

Right then, off to make a cup of green tea now.

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