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Anthony Weiner Is Making My Brain Hurt

Why stare at Weiner pics when you can gaze upon Henrik, His Royal Highness The Prince Consort of Denmark?

Ahhhh!!! I sat down to compose a blog yesterday and quickly found myself in an Internet loop of Anthony Weiner commentary. Since it seemed like the thing to write about, I jotted down my thoughts on the matter, then deleted them, and eventually shut my laptop because I was deeply and profoundly boring myself.

Today has proceeded not much better. Apparently Weiner’s wife is pregnant and that makes him all the more deplorable. It’s certainly  gives folks a brand new gratuitous  press angle. There are already no less than a zillion articles about Anthony freaking Weiner. A zillion and one including this post. But from now on I am protesting this absolutely stupid topic and taking a break from the Internet din. If anyone cares what I think about Anthony Weiner, my sentiments echo Charlie Glickman’s.

As for today, there are other important things to think about, like how I’m going to book a hotel in Solvang this weekend when the Danish Prince is coming to town. Solvang, by the by, is a Danish village in wine country, just north of Santa Barbara. I had planned to take my sister-in-law there, however, apparently the Danish Prince will also be popping in. Last night’s hotel search revealed zero availability in the Santa Ynez region. Can you believe that legions of people care about seeing the Danish Prince? Enough peeps to sell out the hundred hotels in the region? I can’t. It’s almost as dumbfounding as why we’re still talking about Anthony Weiner.

Wish me luck.

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