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Why I Always Need a Vacation From My Vacation

Hello Blogosphere!

Over the last couple of weeks I took a hiatus from blogging to indulge in an (almost) tech-free  vacation. My laptop stayed mostly closed. My Blackberry remained uncharged as I sojourned with family in Nova Scotia and then attended a friend’s bachelorette in Montreal. Both legs of my vaca were wonderful (minus a $300 speeding ticket and my husband’s asthma attack). And both resulted in a whole lot of talking in the old fashioned way—face-to-face over a glass of something or other. All in all, my tune-out trip provided a very needed change in scenery. But it also reminded me of something about tuning in to real communication—it’s exhausting! Or at least that’s what my ten-hour sleep last night would suggest.

In my experience, this post-vacation collapse is the catch 22 of getting away. Because hubby and I live far from friends and family, when we travel home to Canada there are lots of people to see. No, American friends, we’re not related to the entire population, nor do we know your Canadian friend John. But we do have a large community. In contrast, here in la la land I spend many an hour alone writing in my pajamas and my PA job puts me in contact with one other human being (who also works from home in his bathrobe). Thus it’s pretty easy for me to pass my days in relative silence. Luckily this status quo (as anyone who’s crossed paths with my anti-social facebook page or twitter feed will note) works for me. I like my space.

I also enjoy connecting with family and friends in the flesh. Sometimes I wish these facets of life entwined a little more fluidly. Alas, for the meantime, the social polarities of my life will continue as usual. I’ve always been a pretty all or nothing gal. So back to more blogging and less talking it is.

I just read Erica Jong’s op-ed: Is Sex Passé, in which she claims that the younger generation of women is obsessed with motherhood and monogamy. After attending a bachelorette this weekend and watching some of my former free-loving friends marry and pop out cubs, something about her statement rings true. But I don’t agree with the claim that Internet sex is replacing the real thing for women. For one thing, what really constitutes Internet sex? Are we taking sexting? Ashley Madison? Porn? I can’t say I know any women who’d prefer a night in with RedTube to the real thing. Or maybe I just haven’t asked them. I will have to do so.

Right after I get ten more hours of post-vacation sleep…

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