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What Not to Share With Your Boyfriend or Your Neighbors

I read this handy little list today over coffee: 7 Things Not To Share With Your Boyfriend.

To my shock and awe, I came up very short. The TMI list included sharing:

Your Bodily Functions

Your Girlfriends’ Secrets

Your Toothbrush

Your Password

Your Dislike For His Mother

Your Insecurities

Your Past…In Detail

There must be a different list for wives, right? Here’s hoping.

On another note, above you’ll see the recent collection of refuse on my corner. I’ve written about this baffling phenomenon before. Well, it continues unabated. This particular pile has been there for at least five days. I’m secretly hoping Brad and Angie will come by and nab it all for their kids. I hear they sometimes sojourn in the beautiful neighborhood of Los Feliz too.

What, people? Nobody wants this couch with no cushions and skuzzy, JC Penny lazy boy from 1990? Nobody wants these hangers, some mysterious black mesh, and a nasty baseball t-shirt that a crackhead blew his nose in?

I really don’t see why.

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