A Few Great Reviews Have Me Feeling Grateful

It’s basically the best feeling ever to know that after countless hours of slogging away at the laptop in your questionable smelling pajamas with a bad case of morning sickness, now someone, somewhere out there is connecting with your book. Yup, it’s incredibly awesome.

I just read two lovely reviews of Prude. One from Luxury Reading. And one from Vancouver Weekly. I also wanted to share this review from The WhyNott Blog. It was posted in back in October and justified for me (just as all my family and friends were reading about our sex lives, eek!) why on earth I had shared so very much. Because sometimes showing your crazy pants to the world makes someone else feel a little less crazy. Um, no, I’m not talking to you, Miley.

Mammoth thanks to these three ladies for reading and reviewing Prude.

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