Prude on Strombo


The last two weeks have been characterized by a barrage of illness in my house. First came gastro, then the good old flu, followed by pink eye (which I thought was just a funny fecal matter joke from Knocked Up). Not so. I will never chuckle about the singular hell that is conjunctivitis again.

But wait, that’s not interesting news! Before all this madness, I took a solo jaunt to Toronto to film my appearance on the Strombo Tonight show. It was a blast. I arrived by train from Mtl mid-day, hustled over to Blo (as in Blow Dry, not *blow job* folks) at the Shangri La Hotel for some hair styling I’m incapable of, then executed a quick outfit change at my friend’s apartment before arriving at CBC. Everyone was ridiculously nice, including George, and I absolutely loved our chat. The live interview was about twice as long as what appears on the episode. We touched on some serious stuff and had a few good laughs. Mostly, I was happy we discussed the relationship stuff more than any weighty pro or con XXX politics. After steak frites and a post-nerves Manhattan with a good pal, I was back on the train for 6:40 the next morning. Ouch.

Watch the clip here in case you missed it. All in all, t’was a very fun escapade for this mostly full-time snot wiping mama! Back to the grind.

3 thoughts on “Prude on Strombo

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  2. You actually sat in THE red chair? I can’t get Strombo to even answer my tweets or e-mails, never mind make my way to the Big Show! Well done, Emily. Well done, indeed.

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