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Why I Always Need a Vacation From My Vacation

Hello Blogosphere! Over the last couple of weeks I took a hiatus from blogging to indulge in an (almost) tech-free  vacation. My laptop stayed mostly closed. My Blackberry remained uncharged as I sojourned with family in Nova Scotia and then attended a friend’s bachelorette in Montreal. Both legs of my vaca were wonderful (minus a … Continue reading

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The Case for the Cohabitation Agreement?

Recently a girlfriend rung me up with a dilemma—she’d been served a cohabitation agreement, wherein after being bestowed a bedside table in her new boyfriend’s house she was asked to sign documents dividing their assets. After we’d hashed out the recent events—which we decided were especially icky because of a particularly ill-timed delivery—I started thinking … Continue reading

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What if Your Best Friends Don’t Know Everything?

I picked up Marie Claire’s July issue to read Lori Gottlieb’s article: What if Your Best Friends Are Your Worst Enemies? where she argues that, “instead of a frenzied pack of enablers nurturing our self-delusion, what we need is someone brave enough to give us the truth.” Gottlieb makes some convincing points in her article … Continue reading