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What Not to Share With Your Boyfriend or Your Neighbors

I read this handy little list today over coffee: 7 Things Not To Share With Your Boyfriend. To my shock and awe, I came up very short. The TMI list included sharing: Your Bodily Functions Your Girlfriends’ Secrets Your Toothbrush Your Password Your Dislike For His Mother Your Insecurities Your Past…In Detail There must be … Continue reading

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He’s Just Not That Into Anyone… And She Wishes He’d Shut Up About It

This week I’ve been following the buzz surrounding Davy Rothbart’s He’s Just Not That Into Anyone in NY Mag’s Porn issue. He also appeared on The Joy Behar Show this week to talk about the same issue, which is how watching too much Internet porn can decrease one’s appetite for the real thing and cause … Continue reading

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Does Housework Make Men Happy? Not Likely, but Equality Might…

Yesterday I was captivated by this Salon headline: Men Who Clean House Are Happier… So are husbands with wives who put in similar hours at the office. Could equality be their secret? Catchy, right? But as Tracy Clark-Flory elucidates–it’s unclear whether this British survey reveals that folks who work similar hours and do equivalent housework … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “The Men Who Believe Porn Is Wrong”

Last week in the Guardian UK I read The Men Who Believe Porn Is Wrong—a strongly anti-porn biased article discussing Matt McCormack Evan’s website: Anti-porn Men Project. I encourage you to check out the article before reading this post to get the full gist. As you can probably guess, I disagree with many of its points … Continue reading