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Baby Talk: Annoying Nonsense or Evidence of a Lasting Bond?

“Bon, Bean, Bonnifer Lee, Bonnie, and Lee Bon,” are all names that my husband and I call each other and the list, disturbingly, goes on. I’m not exactly sure how this phenomenon started but we’ve been together seven years and the names continue to multiply unabated. Saying “Bean” with a southern accent somehow morphs into … Continue reading

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What Not to Share With Your Boyfriend or Your Neighbors

I read this handy little list today over coffee: 7 Things Not To Share With Your Boyfriend. To my shock and awe, I came up very short. The TMI list included sharing: Your Bodily Functions Your Girlfriends’ Secrets Your Toothbrush Your Password Your Dislike For His Mother Your Insecurities Your Past…In Detail There must be … Continue reading

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The Three Year Glitch – Signs of Relationship Failure or Success?

This morning I’ve been reading all about the three-year glitch, formerly known as the seven- year itch or the point in a relationship where things go deeply south. This UK study reveals that the small, irritating behaviors we often overlook at the beginning of a courtship now begin to grate at about 36 months. The … Continue reading

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He’s Just Not That Into Anyone… And She Wishes He’d Shut Up About It

This week I’ve been following the buzz surrounding Davy Rothbart’s He’s Just Not That Into Anyone in NY Mag’s Porn issue. He also appeared on The Joy Behar Show this week to talk about the same issue, which is how watching too much Internet porn can decrease one’s appetite for the real thing and cause … Continue reading