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Why I (secretly) Love The Bachelor

I’ve been reading two new memoirs in the last couple weeks—Fury by Koren Zailckas and Poser by Claire Dederer. What these books have in common, besides being wry, well-written, thought-provoking, soul searching memoirs, is that they are rather depressing. Sorry, ladies, that’s not meant to be a diss and may very well be more of … Continue reading

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How (a good) Marriage Makes You Healthier

I just started my Sunday with a couple shots of espresso and some dallying on the Interweb, where I stumbled upon this study which proves that marriage, “cheers you up, improves your diet, and helps you live longer.” Goody! The reasons stated seem to be the expected ones—harmonious commitments provide support systems for physical and … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “The Men Who Believe Porn Is Wrong”

Last week in the Guardian UK I read The Men Who Believe Porn Is Wrong—a strongly anti-porn biased article discussing Matt McCormack Evan’s website: Anti-porn Men Project. I encourage you to check out the article before reading this post to get the full gist. As you can probably guess, I disagree with many of its points … Continue reading