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The Case for the Cohabitation Agreement?

Recently a girlfriend rung me up with a dilemma—she’d been served a cohabitation agreement, wherein after being bestowed a bedside table in her new boyfriend’s house she was asked to sign documents dividing their assets. After we’d hashed out the recent events—which we decided were especially icky because of a particularly ill-timed delivery—I started thinking … Continue reading

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Chicago Getaway Meets Sex-Affirmative Chats on Porn

In the past week I’ve been reading plenty of anti-porn sentiments in Gail Dines’ Adventures in Pornland, and Have the Feds Gone Soft on Porn on Mother Jones, which is why it was so refreshing to read Charlie Glickman’s 7 Ways to Create a Sex-Positive Critique on Porn. As per usual, Mr. Glickman provides enlightened words … Continue reading

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Break-ups, Eye-Rolling and Lasting Relationships… Here’s Hoping

This weekend was pretty hectic for a gal who usually tucks in long before the witching hour. Between birthdays, LA visitors and the fourth of July, I ended up sipping on my fair share of beverages and, on a less celebratory note, discussing break-ups. Listening to what went wrong in several marriages and long-term relationships, … Continue reading

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What if Your Best Friends Don’t Know Everything?

I picked up Marie Claire’s July issue to read Lori Gottlieb’s article: What if Your Best Friends Are Your Worst Enemies? where she argues that, “instead of a frenzied pack of enablers nurturing our self-delusion, what we need is someone brave enough to give us the truth.” Gottlieb makes some convincing points in her article … Continue reading

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Fair Trade Porn

I read Anna North’s interesting review: Exxxit: Lust, Labia Trimmings and The Lasting Stigma of Porn on Jezebel this morning, my first reaction to which was–holy crap, Houston sold her labia trimmings? Well, I never. It’s an unusual thing (vast understatement) to have your discarded labia enshrined, especially since one assumes she was less than thrilled … Continue reading