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Why You Should Check Out: Our Porn, Ourselves

June gloom has officially settled in on LA, which for Angelinos means morning clouds for a whole month. I know, woe is me, it’s still a steady seventy-five degrees. On this dreary morning, I’ve been reading Our Porn, Ourselves–a website created by most-fabulous sex writer, speaker, Oprah guest, and sex-positive pundit Violet Blue to promote … Continue reading

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How to Decide Whether to Have Kids

The huz and I were nestled in our usual spoon position—me spooning him—the other night when the subject of kids came up, yet again. I’d just finished Elizabeth Gilbert’s Committed and was thinking about being Liz-like and choosing never to have children. “What if we don’t have kids?” I said. “I’ve thought about that too,” … Continue reading

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Why Elizabeth Gilbert Has Me Thinking About Porn

I’m currently reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s much-dissed Committed and I must say I’m enjoying it. So far what’s resonating with me most is the not-new idea that marriages based on love are incredibly volatile, as opposed to marriages, say, predicated on class and obligation. Two years into my love-based marriage, I’d be daft to comment on … Continue reading