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Would You Pay $175 For Shorts? What About Use a Male Vibrator?

Yesterday, Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest GOOP newsletter appeared in my inbox. I glossed over it, like I usually do when the topic isn’t food, and noticed that she was providing discounts to GOOP readers. That’s me! I scrolled down to the first offer and voila—a pair of cute sporty looking shorts. This pair could be mine … Continue reading

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What Not to Share With Your Boyfriend or Your Neighbors

I read this handy little list today over coffee: 7 Things Not To Share With Your Boyfriend. To my shock and awe, I came up very short. The TMI list included sharing: Your Bodily Functions Your Girlfriends’ Secrets Your Toothbrush Your Password Your Dislike For His Mother Your Insecurities Your Past…In Detail There must be … Continue reading