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Why Don’t Aurora Snow’s MILF Confessions Elicit Sympathy?

I just read Aurora Snow’s Confessions of a Porn MILF in The Daily Beast, which judging by the comments, seems to have raised quite the stir.  In the article, Aurora plainly chronicles her journey in the adult entertainment biz from barely legal, to over-the-porn-hill at the ripe age of twenty-four. In response to which, many … Continue reading

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What if Your Best Friends Don’t Know Everything?

I picked up Marie Claire’s July issue to read Lori Gottlieb’s article: What if Your Best Friends Are Your Worst Enemies? where she argues that, “instead of a frenzied pack of enablers nurturing our self-delusion, what we need is someone brave enough to give us the truth.” Gottlieb makes some convincing points in her article … Continue reading

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Why You Should Check Out: Our Porn, Ourselves

June gloom has officially settled in on LA, which for Angelinos means morning clouds for a whole month. I know, woe is me, it’s still a steady seventy-five degrees. On this dreary morning, I’ve been reading Our Porn, Ourselves–a website created by most-fabulous sex writer, speaker, Oprah guest, and sex-positive pundit Violet Blue to promote … Continue reading