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Would You Pay $175 For Shorts? What About Use a Male Vibrator?

Yesterday, Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest GOOP newsletter appeared in my inbox. I glossed over it, like I usually do when the topic isn’t food, and noticed that she was providing discounts to GOOP readers. That’s me! I scrolled down to the first offer and voila—a pair of cute sporty looking shorts. This pair could be mine … Continue reading

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What Not to Share With Your Boyfriend or Your Neighbors

I read this handy little list today over coffee: 7 Things Not To Share With Your Boyfriend. To my shock and awe, I came up very short. The TMI list included sharing: Your Bodily Functions Your Girlfriends’ Secrets Your Toothbrush Your Password Your Dislike For His Mother Your Insecurities Your Past…In Detail There must be … Continue reading

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Why I Always Need a Vacation From My Vacation

Hello Blogosphere! Over the last couple of weeks I took a hiatus from blogging to indulge in an (almost) tech-free  vacation. My laptop stayed mostly closed. My Blackberry remained uncharged as I sojourned with family in Nova Scotia and then attended a friend’s bachelorette in Montreal. Both legs of my vaca were wonderful (minus a … Continue reading


Donkey Love

Well I didn’t get to sit on Prince Henrik’s lap like Santa Claus in wine country but I did taste some incredible rosé and play with miniature donkeys. That’s right—miniature donkeys. I’m not sure if I’ve ever discussed my extreme love for donkeys on my blog but let me tell you, does this girl love … Continue reading