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The Three Year Glitch – Signs of Relationship Failure or Success?

This morning I’ve been reading all about the three-year glitch, formerly known as the seven- year itch or the point in a relationship where things go deeply south. This UK study reveals that the small, irritating behaviors we often overlook at the beginning of a courtship now begin to grate at about 36 months. The … Continue reading

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How (a good) Marriage Makes You Healthier

I just started my Sunday with a couple shots of espresso and some dallying on the Interweb, where I stumbled upon this study which proves that marriage, “cheers you up, improves your diet, and helps you live longer.” Goody! The reasons stated seem to be the expected ones—harmonious commitments provide support systems for physical and … Continue reading

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The Case for the Cohabitation Agreement?

Recently a girlfriend rung me up with a dilemma—she’d been served a cohabitation agreement, wherein after being bestowed a bedside table in her new boyfriend’s house she was asked to sign documents dividing their assets. After we’d hashed out the recent events—which we decided were especially icky because of a particularly ill-timed delivery—I started thinking … Continue reading